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Oct 30 / Maryvi Nguyen

Project 4 (process):

Unmannered & Depreciation


Unmannered . . .

 images Website definition:

  • characterized by an absence of artificiality
  • lack of good manners
  • not affected or artificial in style

Synonyms: discourteous, uncalled-for, uncivil

Related Words: arch, bold, bold-faced, brash, abrupt, improper

Own definition: not occurring naturally

shocking, unpleasant, indecent,


Anthon Beeke_Leonce en Lena Duchamp_Mona Lisa Duchamp_Bicycle Wheel

Fountain, Leonce en Lena,  Mona Lisa with a mustache automatically made me think of the word unmannered. Duchamp and Beeke aims to shock their audience with destructive elements, anti-art protests, and will for freedom! They didn’t seek for tradition or beauty but unpleasant reactions and a sense of rebellion. The words unmannered reminds me of something or someone breaking away from tradition and have a bold voice for themselves. The word manners automatically makes me think of saying excuse me, no PDA, elbows off the table while unmanners portray breaking rules, disturbance, and uneasiness. Its like taking a mustache and placing it on such a well know traditional piece, Mona Lisa.

Other examples:

tumblr_mt8ar4qSnW1qe31lco1_1280tumblr_mel3y3ukCB1riyynyo1_500tumblr_mtpo18yX1D1qj6juso1_1280tumblr_mtbru4cLmt1s8ho1so1_500 (1)tumblr_muav9owuO61qb6t6wo1_500tumblr_mrl71nW5U41qgiw5to1_1280


Depreciation . . .

tumblr_ml5i11bSUN1s0e5iho1_1280Website definition:

  • to lower estimation or esteem
  • to lower the price of etimated value

Synonyms: depress, break, cheapen

Related Words: reduce, sink, down grade

Own definition: losing it’s worth

compress, fade


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