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Oct 3 / Maryvi Nguyen

Project 2:



Font Family: Franklin Gothic

By: Morris Fuller Buton 


American Type Founders Company 


This project made me appreciate fonts a hundred times more than I would ever imagine. Before I took this class, someone said to me “either you will learn to love fonts or end up hating it this entire class.” and I am sincerely obsessed with it now. Making my cover sheet and part 2.3 was my favorite part. I love how my composition turned out and I plan on making more personal projects that resembles it.


2 FGMI 1 FGMI4 FGMI 3 FGMIProject 2 pt 1.22.1 Formal 2.1 Frank2.2 G 2.2 H 2.2 O 2.2 X 2.3 Formal 2.3 Org

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  1. Zahraa / Oct 17 2013

    I love that your cover sheet is a nod to one of your compositions within the book. When you were making it, it really seemed like something you were proud of. Also way to go on pulling in inspiration from real graphic design. That same composition looked like a complementary piece to one of the works we studied in Meggs.

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