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Sep 19 / Maryvi Nguyen

Fashion week:



“Milk stands at the crossroads of the Fashion, music, photography, and film worlds. A media company based out of New York and Los Angeles -Milks spans contemporary culture and is a hub for nurturing creativity and supporting partnership with some of the industry’s most visionary talent and innovation.”


Milk Fashion Week type was found by a  renowned creative agency by the name of Base. Base founding partners are Dimitri Jeurissen and Thierry Brunfaut. They spreadn their wealth of creativity across the fields of fashion, luxury, beauty, hospitality, culture, contemporary art and more.


My first experience encountering MADE was an advertisement at the mall. I was in the middle of leaving until something breath taking caught my eyes. MADE was like eye candy to me. Instantly I stopped at the little stand where their clothesline stood. I shuffled through the clothes just to snap pictures of the sign and tags hanging off clothes. And that was my first fan girl experience for typography.


Other things MADE was involved with is…

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  1. Armband / Sep 21 2013

    I am crazy about new fashion.
    I cant wait for the 2014 fashion style

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