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Nov 19 / Maryvi Nguyen

Final PJ 4:

DepreciationUnmannered 2Unmannered




Nov 19 / Maryvi Nguyen

Final PJ 3:

Final N


With this project I am very satisfied with the result. Overall I liked my process work most, and I was excited to get the best feedback on that. My letter is very believable and that was my main goal. I wanted the letter to fit in the alphabet and easily handwritten. Overall I am satisfied with the final piece and the grade I got on it.

Nov 18 / Maryvi Nguyen

Video Crit:


Nov 8 / Maryvi Nguyen

Process 4 Readings:

Thinking with Type:

  • Early years of the World Wide Web limited designers range of typefaces
  • Anti-aliasing created the appearance of smooth curves on screen by changing the brightness of pixels or sub-pixels alone the edges of each letterform.
  • Bitmap typeface are built out of the pixels that structure a screen display of other output device
  • First step in designing a typeface is to define basic concepts


Reading: The Armature, the Grid, and Grid System

  • Typographers design using at least two things: a typographic element, and the space within and surrounding it.
  • Armatures underly and bind elements through deliberate but failr random placement ruled by “intuitively” divided space.
  • Grid also underlie and bind elements but with structural in addition to visial rules governing placement
  • Active areas contain elements, while support spaces designed between and around them fortify elements.
Oct 30 / Maryvi Nguyen

Project 4 (process):

Unmannered & Depreciation


Unmannered . . .

 images Website definition:

  • characterized by an absence of artificiality
  • lack of good manners
  • not affected or artificial in style

Synonyms: discourteous, uncalled-for, uncivil

Related Words: arch, bold, bold-faced, brash, abrupt, improper

Own definition: not occurring naturally

shocking, unpleasant, indecent,


Anthon Beeke_Leonce en Lena Duchamp_Mona Lisa Duchamp_Bicycle Wheel

Fountain, Leonce en Lena,  Mona Lisa with a mustache automatically made me think of the word unmannered. Duchamp and Beeke aims to shock their audience with destructive elements, anti-art protests, and will for freedom! They didn’t seek for tradition or beauty but unpleasant reactions and a sense of rebellion. The words unmannered reminds me of something or someone breaking away from tradition and have a bold voice for themselves. The word manners automatically makes me think of saying excuse me, no PDA, elbows off the table while unmanners portray breaking rules, disturbance, and uneasiness. Its like taking a mustache and placing it on such a well know traditional piece, Mona Lisa.

Other examples:

tumblr_mt8ar4qSnW1qe31lco1_1280tumblr_mel3y3ukCB1riyynyo1_500tumblr_mtpo18yX1D1qj6juso1_1280tumblr_mtbru4cLmt1s8ho1so1_500 (1)tumblr_muav9owuO61qb6t6wo1_500tumblr_mrl71nW5U41qgiw5to1_1280


Depreciation . . .

tumblr_ml5i11bSUN1s0e5iho1_1280Website definition:

  • to lower estimation or esteem
  • to lower the price of etimated value

Synonyms: depress, break, cheapen

Related Words: reduce, sink, down grade

Own definition: losing it’s worth

compress, fade


 2 4 6

zzz zzzzzzzzz zz


tumblr_m2sv2x9zEN1r986pmo1_500 tumblr_me6f1c1Uax1r9r24yo1_500


Sheet 5img002 img001img003 img004Sheet 2 Sheet 3 

Oct 23 / Maryvi Nguyen

Timeless Way of Building

   Our Pattern Languages

The people can shape buildings for themselves, and have done it for centuries, by using languages which I call pattern languages. A language gives each person who uses it, the power to create an infinite variety of new and unique buildings, just as his ordinary language gives him the power to create an infinite variety of sentences.


  • The proper answer to the question “how is a farmer able to make a new barn?” The answer in the fact that every barn is made in patterns.
  • A system of patterns which function like language
  • Taking all patterns which her knows and combining them in new ways
  • Rules of thumbs (combines/recombine)
  • We learn to see pattern as something “in the world” – a unitary pattern of activity and space which repeats itself over and over again, in any given place always appearing each time in a slightly different manifestation.
  • Pattern in our minds are images of the world. They are generated, they tell us what to do; they tell us how we shall, or may generate; and they tell us too, that under certain circumstances, we must create.

Mathematical Point of View (2 simple rules)

  1. A set of elements of symbol
  2. A set of rule for combing these symbols


  • Patterns
  • Each patterns itself are patterns of other smaller patterns
  • They arrange in respect to other patterns

Generative System

  • Example: generate sentence that are appropriate to any given situation

Pattern Language

  • System whch allows us to create an infinite variety of combinations of patterns


Limited Number of Arrangements

  • Tree growing upside down inside a railroad station may work but doesn’t make sense



  • Every work, large or small, humble or magnificent, modern or ancient, is made in the same way
  • Form of patterns and rules which comes from languages come from the man made world because we put them there and we pit them there by using language
  • Every person has a pattern language in his mind. One pattern language is the sum total of your knowledge all pattern language is slightly different, not exactly the same but can be shared
  • Evolving each mind as experience grow
  • Even when a person seems to “go back to the basic problem,” he is always combining patterns that are already in his mind
  • Only because a person has a pattern language in his mind, that he can be creative when he builds
  • Patterns language – experience of building doesn’t happen just in traditional society, fundamental
  • Fact about our human nature, fact of speech



Timeless Way of Building by Christopher Alexander overall is based of Christoper point of view when it comes to architect, and buildings and how that all ties to language. Just like building houses, barns, etc, putting together a font is similar. Everything is man made and once started from nothing. When someone builds a barn, Alexander explains a certain rules of thumb. The window, door, hallway, and room in each barn must be a certain size depending on the builder. Most likely, no one will start to build a circular barn. And when make a font style, there are rules of thumb. For example, each window built in a house may vary in size but not every door will be completely different in size just like letters, they tend to stay in one form, though there are exceptions.  Just like letters, one family style will revolve around a set of rules. A width of a door, the lengthiness of a hallway, or have step of a step is like the lengthiness of a letter and how wide a letter can be. There are set rules and they arrange in respect to other letters.




From a graphic design perspective, I chose three DVD posters. In class we discussed genres of posters and how they effect what movie genre/category these movies fall in. What my point of view will be is the similarities of DVDs layout. 



Regardless of what genre these movie are conveying, they all have distinct similarities. The overall layouts are exactly the same. Each DVD poster has the main poster on the right and information listed on the left. The middle bar tend to always list the name of the movie, the words DVD and the company that filmed these movies. If you notice, the front cover list the name of the movie 


slightly larger than the actor and actress name. On the left side, a description of the movie is always listed on the top, while the description of the movie is much smaller and more transparent is listed on the bottom. Each price scan is placed more towards the top on the poster towards the right. In the center of each poster lists bonus features, quotes, and teasers for the movie. The layout for a DVD poster tends to stay in the style even when I went through a box of over a hundred DVDs.









Through typography perspective, I noticed that all my books regardless of new, old, color, genre, etc, that they all list the title on the spine. The spine varies from thick to thin and how the name is placed on there defines how a space should be used. Wide, long, small, huge, uppercase, lowercase…







Oct 16 / Maryvi Nguyen

Project 3 (process):

Thumbnail Sketches.

img001 img002 img003 img004 img005 img006 img007 img0008 img009 img010 img011 img012 img013   img014img016 img017 img018

Oct 3 / Maryvi Nguyen

Project 2:



Font Family: Franklin Gothic

By: Morris Fuller Buton 


American Type Founders Company 


This project made me appreciate fonts a hundred times more than I would ever imagine. Before I took this class, someone said to me “either you will learn to love fonts or end up hating it this entire class.” and I am sincerely obsessed with it now. Making my cover sheet and part 2.3 was my favorite part. I love how my composition turned out and I plan on making more personal projects that resembles it.


2 FGMI 1 FGMI4 FGMI 3 FGMIProject 2 pt 1.22.1 Formal 2.1 Frank2.2 G 2.2 H 2.2 O 2.2 X 2.3 Formal 2.3 Org

Sep 19 / Maryvi Nguyen

Fashion week:



“Milk stands at the crossroads of the Fashion, music, photography, and film worlds. A media company based out of New York and Los Angeles -Milks spans contemporary culture and is a hub for nurturing creativity and supporting partnership with some of the industry’s most visionary talent and innovation.”


Milk Fashion Week type was found by a  renowned creative agency by the name of Base. Base founding partners are Dimitri Jeurissen and Thierry Brunfaut. They spreadn their wealth of creativity across the fields of fashion, luxury, beauty, hospitality, culture, contemporary art and more.


My first experience encountering MADE was an advertisement at the mall. I was in the middle of leaving until something breath taking caught my eyes. MADE was like eye candy to me. Instantly I stopped at the little stand where their clothesline stood. I shuffled through the clothes just to snap pictures of the sign and tags hanging off clothes. And that was my first fan girl experience for typography.


Other things MADE was involved with is…

2-2 (1)


Sep 18 / Maryvi Nguyen

Project 2 (process):

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

“I feel like I just changed your guy’s lives forever. This day forward, you won’t be able to walk around without pointing out bad typography.”  -Dan



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


9/18: When I first started working on this project, it was a bit confusing when it came to directions and making sure everything was perfect. After getting started, I was on track and working past it fairly quick. I’ve always been more attached to the creative side of art where I made what I felt and didn’t consider the harsh labor of making specific projects for clients, and being bounded in a set of rules.  I definitely needed to learn about discipline, long hours relying on the same concept, and sitting inside a grid. This project made me appreciate that side of art because in order to make a living in this art industry, I have to learn discipline and rules.

Process work

9/19: 1.2 of part 1 was all about the brain juice! Examining the font family and coming up with words to describe the font took more effort than I thought. Instead of sitting around looking through a thesaurus, I explained the project to my group of friends and we came up a list of words we thought fit the font style. That way, it was more fun and got people involved. They didn’t realize how hard it was and how much work it actually took for a simple task. Mini bickering went back and fourth when coming up with words but it was all fun and games. In the end we narrowed down the words we liked most!

  [Proficient  Formal Organized Maintained Stationary Frank Resolute Essential Unambiguous]


   911410 6587

2.2 X2.2 G2.2 O 2.2 H

9/24: Part 2.2!


10/6: Part 2.3!