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Oct 21 / Brian Danz

Fictional Letterforms Process Work

scan 1.1scan 1scan 2scan 3.1scan 3scan 4scan 5DSCF8897Fictional Letterforms ProcessImage 1Image 2Image 3001     002      img004      img005 img006 img007 FL_Process FL_Process 3 FL_Process 2 Brian Danz_Letter

The whole process of this project was very fun and interesting. It gives a good representation of how type designers go through stages to create a complete typeface with glyphs. It is enjoyable to be able to take aspects of a certain typeface and create a whole new letter with understanding the proper proportions and paying attention to strokes and elements that make certain typefaces unique. I have read online that it can take a designer up to 5 to 8 years to completely design an entire font family which includes different weights and strokes. There were a few letters within my typeface that really caught my eye with how unique and visually pleasing they were. The lower case g and f have features that I tried to work with along with the lower case a and r.  I spent a lot of time working with features of each of those 4 letters. What I can take away from this project would be is that patients in designing letters is the number one thing that is needed. It takes a lot of trial and error to eventually develop a letter that could be passed as visually pleasing and seen in a typeface.