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Dec 11 / Brian Danz

Reflection on Typography 1

This entire experience throughout this class was very exciting and interesting. Not many times have I ever been excited to take a class in college but for this Typography 1 class, it was very different. I remember meeting with Dan to show him some of my art work and previously done work in my past typography class from Henry Ford. It was certainly bummed to find out that my first typography class did not transfer over to Wayne State. Although I was not happy about that, I am actually glad that I was able to take this Typography 1 class because I believe it was a more in-depth and more knowledgeable than my previous one. The combination of projects and experience was defiantly a great one and it gave me knowledge that I know I will be able to use in my future career. I think that everyone in our class was very supportive of each other and everyone certainly was able to bounce ideas around and that kind of communication is a great way to grow in knowledge of typography and graphic design. It was one of my favorite classes I have ever taken in my life and I look forward to using all the information I have gained in my future classes and beyond.

Dec 11 / Brian Danz

Final Process Booklet

Type_Process Book_Final Layout_2 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_22 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_23 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_24 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_25 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_26 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_27 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_28 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_29 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_210 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_211 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_212 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_213 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_214 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_215 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_216 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_217 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_218 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_219 Type_Process Book_Final Layout_220

Dec 11 / Brian Danz

Process Work/Blog Book

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 1 photo 2 photo 9 photo 7 photo 10 photo 8

The process work for this blog book was very time consuming. I stayed up till about 3 a.m. the past few nights trying to perfect everything I could. I used some simple, but clean, design layouts and using bold black backgrounds to show hierarchy on some of the titles and headers. It was a fun and enjoyable process though because I know that my final book turned out quite well in my eyes. I used proper margins and tried to align as much of the text and images as I could with my gird layout.

Dec 10 / Brian Danz

Typography Crimes

Type Crimes Type Crimes2 Type Crimes3

Nov 16 / Brian Danz

Fictional Letterform Final: TYPFO

the final 1

Nov 16 / Brian Danz

Before and After Fictional Letterforms

photo 2 (2) photo 4 DSCF8900 DSCF8919 DSCF8920 DSCF8906 IMG_2838 IMG_2832

Oct 21 / Brian Danz

Fictional Letterforms Process Work

scan 1.1scan 1scan 2scan 3.1scan 3scan 4scan 5DSCF8897Fictional Letterforms ProcessImage 1Image 2Image 3001     002      img004      img005 img006 img007 FL_Process FL_Process 3 FL_Process 2 Brian Danz_Letter

The whole process of this project was very fun and interesting. It gives a good representation of how type designers go through stages to create a complete typeface with glyphs. It is enjoyable to be able to take aspects of a certain typeface and create a whole new letter with understanding the proper proportions and paying attention to strokes and elements that make certain typefaces unique. I have read online that it can take a designer up to 5 to 8 years to completely design an entire font family which includes different weights and strokes. There were a few letters within my typeface that really caught my eye with how unique and visually pleasing they were. The lower case g and f have features that I tried to work with along with the lower case a and r.  I spent a lot of time working with features of each of those 4 letters. What I can take away from this project would be is that patients in designing letters is the number one thing that is needed. It takes a lot of trial and error to eventually develop a letter that could be passed as visually pleasing and seen in a typeface.

Oct 21 / Brian Danz

Font Mannerisms Progress Work

Font Family Display 1.2 Visual Analysis 2.2-01 Family Font Display 1.1Visual Analysis2jpgFamily Font DisplayVisual Analysis

The work process for Project 2, Font Mannerisms, was actually very fun the create.  It gave me a better view in understanding proportions of each letter throughout the entire process.  Understanding x-height, ascenders, descenders, counters, terminals, etc.  The visual display was a good way to show the difference in weights and proportions of letters in relation to each other.  I really like Adobe Garamond Pro now, although I have never really used it before this, but if does a good job of showing off an Old Style typeface that is clean and easy to read.


Oct 2 / Brian Danz

Font Mannerisms

Font Mannerisms Final

Adobe Garamond Pro


This is the final product of Project 2, Font Mannerisms.

Oct 2 / Brian Danz

Scavenger Hunt

z (2)Jquestion  markQBNDFr (2)t (2)v (2)


This project was very interesting. It gave me a new insight to the world of typography that can be found not only on posters, banners, books, etc; but rather in nature that surrounds us everyday. It was enjoyable to be able to look outside for letters because I have never thought of nature that way in which things can be hidden all around us each and every day. I find myself from time to time now looking for letterforms in nature after doing this project. The more I study the art of Typography the more interested I become in letterforms and typefaces.  It is hard to not enjoy nature as itself, but now that I find myself looking for letters of the alphabet, it becomes even more interesting.