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Oct 1 / Danielle Wright

Why Theatre?

“What are you majoring in?” is my least favorite question because after hearing my answer the next thing they say is: “So what’s your backup plan?” I’m sure anyone in theatre has heard this response upon telling people what they study. What most people don’t understand is everything that theatre really has to offer and why them assuming you need a backup plan is wrong.

Theatre is so much more than just finding your light and reciting lines. It teaches you amazing communication skills, how to work with so many different types of people, and how to speak in front of large audiences. You learn skills that can help you in any career path that an employer will find invaluable in an employee.

Theatre can send a powerful message and be used to implement social change. It can help people find their voice and confidence. It can help them discover who they are and discover more about the world around them. Theatre can be therapeutic and help those with special needs or PTSD. Being an actor you also learn to be incredibly empathetic, which is something that this world needs to see more often.

With a theatre degree you can get a job in more than just acting. You can explore careers in communications, business, stage management, drama therapy, you can design sets, costumes, sound, or lighting, you can direct, teach theatre, and you can even create your own theatre company! Theatre is such an amazing and important field that so many people often overlook or look down upon.

When studying theatre you don’t need a back up plan if you don’t want one. If you have a passion for theatre, then pursue it! Don’t hold yourself back from doing what will make you truly happy because of what society thinks, your parents think, or even because of your own doubts. Just have faith that it will all work out and do what you love, because the world will always need more theatre!

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  1. Matt Seeger / Oct 3 2016

    Thanks Danielle for this insightful post. Or you can become a dean. As some of you know I began my college career as a theater major and although I changed my major, my theatre training has been essential to me in my role as dean. I am often called on to speak before groups and I need to be able to demonstrate my enthusiasm for the programs in the college. Knowing how to perform, stage events and engage an audience is critical for many field in business, law, music, education – among many others.

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