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Fictional Letterforms

For our project 3, Fictional Letterforms, we had to come up with a new letterform of a typeface we hadn’t studied yet from old style, transitional, or modern. I ended up choosing Didot, a modern typeface because my previous study was old style font. This project was process heavy. Meaning there was a lot of process work that we needed to look at before coming up with our final product.

So with that said, here is the process work that I have come up with in making my new letter “Cet”

I started off by sketching some letters from a few different styles of type.  Since my previous project was of old style font, I needed to choose between transition and modern.  After sketching both styles of type, I ended up choosing modern font. Once I chose modern font, I sketched 60 different sketches of close up detailed letters and combination letters.  Here are my samples:

Didot AlphabetCombo 1 Combo 2 Combo 3 Combo 4 Combo 5  Micro 1 Micro 2 Micro 3 Micro 4 Micro 5 Sketch 1 Sketch 2 Sketch 3 Variations

I then decided on my final letterform which is a cross between the letter E and C in the Didot typeface. After I decide/.≥gf on my letterform, we were then informed that we needed to make a poster for our letter. We were given all of these restrictions which seemed to have narrowed down my creativity. Or so I thought! We had to come up with a few different choices for our poster and present them. With all 3 designs, I wanted my poster to represent a movie poster. So here are the 3 I ended up choosing as a starting off point:

Poster 1jpeg Poster 2jpeg Poster 3jpeg


Out of these 3 choices, we had to decide which one we wanted to take further. With choosing the poster, more restrictions were added on such as a color block could only be 1/3 of the page. You also were only allowed to use the color black plus 2 other colors. The additional 2 colors had to be a Pantone color. With those restrictions, I came up with these posters.

FP1jpeg FP2jpeg FP3jpeg FP4jpeg


All 4 seem very similar, but so different to me. It came down to choosing which one I felt best fit the assignment. So by looking at the requirements closer, I decided on this final poster design.

Absolute Finaljpeg

So overall, I wanted my hierarchy to represent the letter I had created. The name seemed to have represented it quite well. Throughout the whole project I felt that the restrictions we were given were really hindering my creativity. With every additional restriction I could feel myself getting claustrophobic in the box of design. Little did I know that with restrictions comes with thinking outside the box. You need to think about what you can create with what you are given. With restrictions comes new design. Maybe now with learning what I can do with restrictions, I can look at design in a different light.


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Posted by Gail Clemens on November 17, 2014

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