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Font Mannerisms

Font Mannerisms Part 1bold Part 1bolditalic Part 1italic Part 2.1s Part 2.1k Part 2.1g Part 1reg Part 2.1z Part 2.2 Part 3classical Font Mannerisms


I uploaded my images as PDFs in hopes that you might be able to get a good idea of my project.


I had a log of fun with this project.  It was neat being able to manipulate type into an idea and try to portray the idea without being literal.  My favorite part of this project was part 3.  I absolutely loved delivering an idea with the compilation of text.  I chose the words Classical and Fluidity.  When designing for “classical”, it was very difficult to get a certain point across.  So I decided to go back to the basics.  I went back to A B C and old story books.  I tried to combine the ideas by putting a decorative glyph on the A and played around with every family member to portray the alphabet.  For “fluidity” I wanted to show fluidity of the letters without altering the letterform.  So I started with a single letter and then magnified the letters while inserting different letters from different families.  You can see the letters starting off small and then growing to a bigger letter form.  I believe there is definite signs of fluidity within this design.

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Posted by Gail Clemens on October 2, 2014

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