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Project 1 – Scavenger Hunt (Minimal)


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Group 4 

– Daha Lee, Shela Vang, Katherine Naranjo, Robin Kasis, Jeremy Block

– Name of System : Minimal

– Point, Definition (by Group 4) : We creating a minimal alphabet piece through the use of everything around us, excluding nature. We chose to exclude nature because we feel it is too elaborate and complex as it incorporates different textures and many different elements whereas something like architecture, for example, is sleek and geometric in build. We want to focus on keeping our letterforms as simple as possible and feel this the right execution to do so.


Working Process

– Step 1 : Define our system, ‘What is the minimal style?’

  Minimal :  [ADJ] Something that is minimal is very small in quantity, value, or degree.

                      (from Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary)

– Step 2: We tried to look around the campus, home and everywhere. These are familiar with me but I have to try to look differently.

– Step 3 : Taking a picture and collect all of them

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– Step 4 : Have a meeting with group members to filter and rearrange them

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I found 21 character and took a picture from object, architecture, etc.

4 of them chosen by ourgroup : D, E, F, Z

– Step 5 : Organize the set of character and talk about concept, characteristic of our font family

– Step 6 : Finally, we made a PDF file for showing what we found individually by Indesign, and I took the concept of scavenger hunt for my slide design.



For me, It was a great chance to be unfamiliar with familiar thing. It’s like to see something one step away from it. When I first heard about the project, I felt this gonna be difficult because we have to find 30 character with similar style. However, It was not so hard. I just tried to see deeply with different thinking and It works. I think I can keep finding alphabet from the stuff around us. I’ll collect them after this project for me and my design thinking ability. In short, It gave me a insight to see something differently. Totally great experience.

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25 Jan 2015