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Mar 12 / LaSondra Dawn

SMASH is Hiring!

The SMASH Academy is a FREE national 3-year STEM intensive college prep residential program that empowers students from underrepresented communities to thrive in STEM careers.

• 100% of SMASH scholars graduate from high school

• 91% of SMASH scholars graduate college within 5 years

• SMASH alumni graduate with a STEM degree 2x higher than the national average

Our SMASH staff works with highly motivated underrepresented high school students, develops transformative relationships, and encourages students to grow socially and academically. SMASH offers competitive pay and the work itself is fun, challenging and highly rewarding! We are seeking undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals for seasonal positions. Apply yourself or tell a colleague.

Visit for more information. Apply by April 12.

Site Management Team Positions Program Coordinator – Apply by March 15

Instructional Positions

    • Computer Science 2

    • Math 1 and Math 2

    • Biology and Chemistry

    • Design Thinking 1

    • Writing

    • African American Studies

    • College Success 2

Residential Positions

    • Head Residential Advisor (can be an undergraduate or graduate  student with experience in youth or camp programming)

    • Residential Advisors (can be undergraduate or graduate students)

For more information, please contact John Ray, Midwest Regional Director at