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Oct 5 / Donna Carroll

CS for All Summit Booth Instructor

Posting title: CS for All Summit Booth Instructor for OCT 8 (MON)

Posting organization

  • Popfizz ( provides online computer science courses for high schools helping students get through the bottlenecks of learning.

Brief position description

  • CSforAll Summit Booth Instructor
    Popfizz CS is showcasing computer science education courses at CS for All Summit held at Wayne State University on Monday, October 8th. 
  • An instructor is needed to provide guidance and answer simple questions at the Popfizz CS booth. 
Position: Booth Instructor
Date and Time: Monday, October 8th, 2018 9 AM – 4 PM
Pay:  $30/hr
  • Walk attendees through some of the site features
  • Answer simple questions
  • Log events (photos, testimonials etc.)
If all day attendance is not possible, refer a friend who can fill in!

Contact name, email and/or phone number

Contact Name: Jane Lee
Phone number: 650-670-2661