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Jul 10 / Donna Carroll

Missouri S and T Educational Technology Group – Instructional Designer

Missouri S&T Educational Technology group is searching for a new Instructional Designer. You can find more information and apply for this job at the following link.  Here is the job description.

The department of Educational Technology within the office of Global Learning is seeking an Instructional Designer to join its dynamic team of professionals. EdTech provides leadership in the adoption and development of innovative technologies to improve the learning experience, enhance delivery of credit and non-credit instruction, strengthen course and curriculum design, and promote the effective use of technology tools in the classroom.

As an Instructional Designer, you will work collaboratively with faculty and colleagues to analyze instructional outcomes and provide expertise in the planning, development, and delivery of high-quality learning experiences across our numerous degree programs.

This individual will work closely with stakeholders, researching and incorporating proven learning strategies, pedagogy, learning theory, and quality practices into new and existing degree programs and courses. In addition, the ID collaborates with stakeholders to develop course competencies and objectives.

You will design online courses and instructor-led classroom activities, utilizing new technologies and approaches to encourage critical thinking and self-directed learning.

If you enjoy working with others and are passionate about technology and transforming the learning experience for students; please consider being a part of our team.

Angie Hammons


Educational Technology

Global Learning

216 Centennial
573-341-6195 |