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Jun 27 / Donna Carroll

WSU- Camp Cosmos: Summer Camp Counselor Needed

We are one counselor short for our 2 week summer astronomy camp at the planetarium (July 9-20) and we’re wondering if you might have an undergraduate student you can recommend who might be available for a quick interview and interested in the experience?  We’d prefer someone with an interest in both science and education, but time is ticking so we’re open.  They don’t need to know anything about astronomy – all of the activities are led by faculty and graduate students; they just have to be enthusiastic about it so they can be a positive support system for our campers.  We’re working with 12-15 year olds so anyone looking for experience with middle school or early high school students will get a great opportunity.

We will pay a total of $700 for the two week experience. Campers are here from 9-4 so we expect counselors to be here 8:30-4:30.  Lunch is included every day.  We’ll have one pre-camp meeting as well.


Megan M. McCullen PhD

Director – Museum of Anthropology & Planetarium

Wayne State University

1217 Old Main

4841 Cass Avenue

Detroit, MI 48201

313 577-6455