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Apr 23 / Donna Carroll

YCMA Detroit – Seeking individuals for Teen and Young Adult Adaptive Social Club

Seeking caring, engaging, committed and reliable individuals to help with our Teen and Young Adult Adaptive Social Club.  Currently meeting on Saturdays 5-9pm for summer, but additional programming times may be added in the fall. We are providing opportunities for those interested in volunteering, as well as those looking for a paid position.  Suitable individuals for this role will enjoy engaging in recreational and leisurely activities with our participants while encouraging socialization and of course the safety of all. Social Club activities vary from week to week but include Adaptive Yoga, walks to the park, art, music, water activities, dance parties, video games, movies, field trips, and more!  The ideal applicant will be passionate about working with individuals with special needs and willing to learn, be proactive, and help our program to improve; possibly even take on a leadership role within the organization. Significant experience working with individuals with various diagnoses or disabilities is desired, but the most important quality to have is open-mindedness and adaptability, and a passion for helping others.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge of, and/or experience working with, individuals with varying types of special needs, including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cognitive Disabilities, Mobility Challenges, Developmental Delays, etc. CPR training is required upon hire and is provided by the YMCA. A background check and drug screen are required, in addition to an online training module on child safety.

Young Adult/Adult Social Club is held on Saturdays from 5p-9p.

Contact Info: Jessica Tiernan Wellness and Special Needs Coordinator

Phone 248-644-9036