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Apr 16 / LaSondra Dawn

STAND Student Research Employment Opportunity

Study of Active Neighborhoods Detroit (STAND) is hiring for the following position:

  • Survey Leader

Description of the study:

This is a study about Detroit neighborhoods, and the activity levels and health of residents. The study aims to understand physical activity and neighborhood conditions that support healthy residents. We hope that this study can build Detroit as an example of healthy, active neighborhoods for other cities across the USA.

Description of the job:

You will be responsible for distributing flyers about the study and recruiting participants for this study from two neighborhoods in Detroit. You will obtain their consent and enroll them in the study. Then, you will lead data collection including a survey and a health appointment where you will take their height, weight, blood pressure, a finger prick, and retrieve study equipment that the participant was issued.

You will be trained on all these techniques – no prior experience is necessary. You will enter all information into a tablet computer. You will be part of a team and will be assisted by a student at Michigan State University, and supported by a coordinator who will be available by phone at all times.


Applicants must be a resident of the City of Detroit (not metro Detroit) as this is where the study is being conducted. Applicants are not required to live in the neighborhoods selected in this study. Associates degree or higher required.

Rate of Pay:


Hours per week:

40 hours/week

Length of employment: around 2 months; anticipated to begin the first week in May and end in the end of June, with a possible month-long extension

Anticipated interview time/date: 2-5pm, May 4 at MSU-Detroit Center (3408 Woodward Ave)

Please send your résumé and three references (names and contact details) to Amanda Rzotkiewicz (study coordinator) by April 30th if you wish to be considered for this position. Email: or rzotkiew@msu