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Mar 29 / Donna Carroll

SMASH Wayne State – Summer Opportunities for Students

The Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Academy, is a free of cost, residential college preparatory program for underrepresented high school students of color interested in STEM. 100% of SMASH scholars graduate from high schools and 93% have completed college. According to U.S. News and World Report, “Perhaps the most ambitious program to encourage African American and Latino students in STEM fields is the SMASH Academy run by the Level Playing Field Institute.”
With sites at Stanford, UCLA, UC-Berkeley, UC-Davis, and Morehouse, SMASH Academy is expanding to Wayne State this summer!

Check out a few more facts on SMASH as it celebrates 15 years!

  • Proven Impact: SMASH is a 3-year STEM acceleration summer residential and academic year program that works: check out our impressive alumni outcomes at
  • Free of Cost: SMASH is a free program – equivalent to a $24,000 scholarship.
  • Nationwide: SMASH is continuing to expand to serve more students across the nation. In addition to our existing sites at Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, Davis, and Morehouse College, we will be opening two

    new sites in 2018: Wayne State University and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

How can you and other adults get involved with SMASH Wayne State?

We’re seeking undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals for seasonal positions. Apply yourself or tell a colleague. Visit for more info and apply by April 13!

Instructional Positions

  • Computer Science Instructor
  • Math I Instructor
  • Biology Instructor
  • Design Thinking Instructor
  • Writing Instructor

Residential Positions

  • Head Residential Advisor (can be an undergrad or grad student)
  • Wellness Advisor (experience with counseling or SEL)
  • Residential Advisors (can be undergrad or grad students)

For questions please contact John Ray, Site Director of SMASH Wayne State, at

SMASH staff recruitment