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Mar 26 / Donna Carroll

Cranbrook STEM Camp – Instructors and Counselors

The STEM camp at Cranbrook will be an 8-week day camp featuring 10 modules designed by the Edgerton Center at MIT, for campers entering grades 5- 9 in the Fall. Camp will run from June 18 -August 10, Monday-Friday; there will be no overnight, weekend, or holiday commitments for staff. Staff will not be responsible for lesson plans, as everything has been provided for us on license from MIT.

Currently we are seeking qualified instructors and counselors who have a background in STEM, and/or education.

Some specific fields that we will be exploring in the camp modules are physical science (optics, ecology, circuitry, electronics), computer science (coding, graphic design, game design, scratch introduction), 3D printing, and photography (photo developing, pinhole cameras). I encourage anyone who has had experience with one or more of the aforementioned fields to apply as either counselor or instructor.

Applicants are not required to have a specific STEM background, education students or teachers within fields outside of STEM, or in STEM fields not listed are also encouraged to apply. Our modules feature activities that explore related areas outside of specific STEM fields. And of course any education, teaching/tutoring, or classroom management experience will be an asset to the STEM camp.

Instructor teams will take turns leading weekly modules. They will work in tandem with the STEM camp director to build a plan that brings each week’s module to life. Our goal is the create a safe and fun atmosphere for our campers to learn and explore. Remember: it’s camp, not class!

Counselors will work to support leading instructors during instruction and activities. Counselors will work one-on-one with campers when necessary; provide assistance when a camper needs to complete a difficult task; supervise campers that need to leave the group for any reason; and help carry out routine camp tasks.

Employment application details and instructions can be found at

Anyone with questions can feel free to email me directly:

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