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Aug 4 / Donna Carroll

Muskegon Public Schools – Health Care Support Provideer

Position Type: Student Support Services/Other

Date Posted: 8/3/2017

Location: Muskegon Public Schools

Muskegon Public Schools is seeking two long-term Health Care Support Providers at Marquette Elementary and Oakview Elementary. This position provides support to medically fragile students and offers other building support as assigned by building principal.

Position: Health Care Support Provider
Terms: 19 hrs/wk M-F
Rate: 11.07 per hour
Posted: August 3, 2017
Closing Date: Post until filled
Available: September 5, 2017

Please apply online at
Scroll down the left side menu and click on AppliTrack Openings
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Associate degree or high degree in a related field; or have completed 60 semester hours; or passed the state approved test (WorkKeys or ETS)
Must meet Highly Qualified requirements

Required Qualifications:
•Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.
•Demonstrated ability to solve problems and think strategically.
•Ability to administer care to medically fragile children.
•Willingness to engage in continuous improvements to enhance skills.

The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, (including sexual orientation or transgender identity), disability, age, religion, height, weight, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected category, (collectively, “Protected Classes”), in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.

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