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Jan 5 / Donna Carroll

Seeking Student Support for Innovative Parent Child Research

Need of a team of student volunteers to work with children as part of the curriculum. The students would receive training and ongoing professional support form our staff throughout the process.

The commitment would be two 4-hour groups a week for a ten week period. There will be a group running this February- March-April and then again in May June. We are asking for 6-10 volunteers who could commit to the 10 weeks for 4 hours twice a week. During that time they will be assigned their identified child for the entire period.  They will have a great opportunity to learn more hands on child development, parent child interaction and assessment, and increased reflective functioning as a professional.

Strong Beginnings is  an attachment based parenting group for families involved in the foster care system.  Strong Beginning is based on the well-researched Mom Power curriculum created by Drs. Musik and Rosenblum of the University of Michigan, who will be our clinical partners and assisting in researching the efficacy of this approach.  Our Infant and Early Childhood therapists and a team of student volunteers will work with children under 6 years of age and both their biological parents and their foster parents. The goals of the program is to increase sensitive parenting with both dyads.

As part of the Strong Beginnings project there is a vital volunteer team called the Child Team. This 10 week group is both parent-child guided interaction, as well as supportive one on one support between the Child Team student volunteer and the identified child. The Child Team volunteer works with their assigned child weekly and, with great supervision, is encouraged to write notes about their observations about development, parent child interactions, and separation/reunification behaviors.

Please feel free to contact me to find out more information, at (734) 272-9532.

Vickie Novell, MSW, LMSW, IMH-E (IV-C)
Infant Mental Health Specialist
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
The Guidance Center
13101 Allen Rd.
Southgate, MI 48195

(734) 785-7705 ext. 7124 – office
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