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Nov 28 / Laura Bonnici

Exercise Physiologist * Cardiac Rehab

Job Title: Exercise Physiologist * Cardiac Rehab – Days – 40hrs/wk
Job Info: Exercise Physiologist * Cardiac Rehab – Days – 40hrs/wk

Highest Education Level Required:
Degrees and Majors:
Masters in Exercise Science (Preferred)
Bachelors in Exercise Science (Required)
General Summary:  Provides clinical oversight for Cardiovascular Rehabilitation patients and participants enrolled in the Metro Health Phase I through Phase IV cardiovascular rehabilitation program. Performs graded exercise tests according to AHA, ACSM, and AACVPR guidelines.   Essential Functions and Responsibilities: Conducts cardiovascular disease risk factor evaluations.Reviews patient history and functional capacity GXT test results in order to develop individualized exercise prescriptions.  Adjust and updates exercise prescriptions according to orthopedic, heart rate/rhythm, vital signs, O2 saturation or other issues that may arise.Provides patient education and counseling and assists patients with developing strategies for behavioral modification.Performs graded exercise stress testing procedures in accordance with ACC/AHA/AACVPR guidelines.Perform adult 12 lead electrocardiograms and monitor exercise session ECGs.Monitors and records resting, exercising, and recovery vitals.Provides guidance and assistance in ambulating the patient.Records required strength training exercises and modify patients with incorrect technique and/or gait form.Document concise, accurate and timely information in the patient care record in accordance with established policies, procedures and applicable laws and regulations that govern them.Identifies patient with symptoms and/or values that are out of range or experiencing condition changes and notifies the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Coordinator.  Assist in providing direct patient care for patients with signs/symptoms in need for urgent care.Performs other duties as assigned.  These may including but are not limited to: Maintaining  a current knowledge base of use standards of care in professional practice,  pursuing self-directed learning and continuing education opportunities, and participating on committees, task forces, and work groups as determined by management. 

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Salary: Competitive
Job Category: Medical / Health Care
Location: Wyoming, MI
Type: Full Time
Contact Person: Human Resources
Title: HR



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