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Apr 26 / Kurt Troutman

Peer Mentor- Pre Morris Hood Learning Community

Job Description:
 This position will assist the Learning Community Coordinator with the management of the Pre-Morris Hood Learning Community. The peer mentor will encourage and assist students from under-represented groups to complete all the steps necessary to move to Level 2 in the teacher certification program. The peer mentor will also serve as a role model and help the learners to navigate campus resources. The candidate must also help the students gain professional and personal growth through professional development, leadership development, and life skills acquisition.
 Minimum grade point average of 3.0
 Successfully admitted into Level 2 of the teacher certification program
 Demonstrate a history of working with under-represented groups
 Strong interpersonal skills
 Proficiency with Microsoft Office and social media a plus
 Must be able to attend Peer Mentor training before the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester
 Attend Peer Mentor training prior to the Fall 2016 semester
 Assist the Coordinator with an individualized plan for each student regrading the PRE
 Organize and facilitate group study sessions
 Provide guidance to members about utilizing and accessing campus resources
 Assist Coordinator with data gathering and reporting
 Meet regularly with the Coordinator to report progress of students
 Assist Program Coordinator to foster a culture of acceptance and belonging amongst the participants
 Assist with the identification and recruitment of new members
 Take the lead on the development and management of the Morris Hood resource library and book exchange
 $10 per hour
Application Process:
 Please submit the attached application and a copy of your resume by May 31st to Kurt Troutman, 469 College of Education. Applications may be submitted in person, via email or by fax.
 Any questions about the peer mentor position or the application process should be directed to:
Kurt Troutman
(313) 577-1601
Fax: (313) 577-4944
Pre-Morris Hood Learning Community
Job Title: Peer Mentor
Location: Education Building Room 469
Hours: 10 hours a week (flexible schedule)
 The Peer Mentor is expected to lead by example and maintain a satisfactory GPA and progress towards their degree

Peer Mentor Description