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Nov 11 / Donna Carroll

Oklahoma State University – Assistant Professor

Tenure-track Curriculum Studies Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University for a Fall 2016 appointment. Application review begins ASAP.  Please refer to link at bottom of page for contact information.

The Curriculum Studies program prepares K-20 curriculum leaders, professors of education, curriculum designers and evaluators, and leaders in various educational settings. Embracing creative theory/practice dynamics, the program’s mission is to educate scholars/practitioners with a deep understanding and self-reflexive ability to create and use knowledge in curriculum studies for the benefit of diverse local, national, and international communities. The program offers master’s and PhD degrees (Including college teaching as an emphasis area within the PhD option). The OSU Curriculum Studies Project also offers a unique opportunity to bring internationally-renowned curriculum scholars together with students, teachers, faculty, and other curriculum leaders to address critical curriculum issues for the advancement of the field.

Ph.D / Ed.D in Curriculum Studies or closely related field.

1. Record of scholarly productivity or evidence of emerging research agenda;
2. Teaching experience at the levels of K-12 schools and higher education; demonstrated record of or potential for teaching excellence at the university level;
3. Strong working knowledge of various qualitative research methodologies;
4. Ability to build productive professional relationships with public schools, colleges, and local communities; and
5. Evidence of professional service and of efforts in seeking external grant funding.


Ph.D / Ed.D in Curriculum Studies or closely related field.

1. Curriculum studies expertise with elementary education background;
2. Graduate-level teaching experience;
3. Teaching and/or research experiences with underrepresented groups; and
4. Accomplishment in obtaining and leading externally funded projects.

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