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The Ampersand





You gotta’ love the ampersand… Its one of the most visually beautiful symbols in type. Its versatile and can be transformed into either a minimalist, refined, or even very complicatedly rugged design.

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3 Apr 2013

Another Website for inspiration

Well I’ve decided that I feel the need to make up for all the lost information that I could’ve posted over the last few weeks, so why not have a huge influx of it now. This is a logo design website that is a little further away from type yet they are all under the same umbrella and font size and leading etc. are all kept in mind when designing these logos.

Pretty interesting article for a aspiring designer – it gets into not only the visual aspect of designing a logo, but also just as important, the intuitive human and psychological research that goes into it like demographics and branding. Even things like knowing how to design a likable logo for a client while still having individuality and not letting the client dictate everything.





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3 Apr 2013

Best typography books of 2012

I’m a little untimely with the next website of the week, ┬ábut hopefully we can turn this into website of the month. Currently our class is working on creating a book based on the text and visual representations of our typography class projects and material that we have researched outside of class. Here are some inspirational book designs that could ignite some creative fire in your minds.

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3 Apr 2013