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Project 4: Constrained System Brainstorm

My process of brainstorming involves setting a goal of what I need to figure out, in this case, how to convey meaning of these words through designing a typographical system (simply put), and then examining every nook and cranny of possibility that is available. Once I have options, I can use my Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning skills to narrow down my ideas.

Destructive – (adj.)

1. Causing great and irreparable harm or damage.

2. Tending to negate or disparage ; negative and unhelpful


– A majority of the time it has negative connotations.

– Some personal connotations that come to mind are : “war”, “wrecking ball” , “explosions”, “disease”. Mostly things that cause damage or create immense amounts of power. “powerful”. Some ideas for characteristics in typography that can be used to create the connotation for this word are “sharp”, “chaotic”, “disruptive” and so forth…


Energetic – (adj.) 

1. Possessing or exhibiting energy, especially in abundance; vigorous: and energetic leader.

2. Powerful in action or effort; effective; to take energetic measures against crime.


-The connotations for this word are normally both negative and positive.

-Some personal connotations are “youthfulness”, “punk-rock genre of music”, “treadmills”, “lightning”, and “sports”. A few words that can be carried over into the element of design are “flowing”, “excited”, “lively”.


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Posted by Anthony Ciccarelli on February 20, 2013

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