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Project 3: Literal/ Fictional Letterforms.

Our class was assigned a project to create a new letterform based off of a set of characteristics from a legitimate typeface, e.g., times new roman or futura. We were separated into different categories and I ended up with Transitional Serif typefaces. I chose Baskerville. Based off my drawings , the Baskerville letterforms have many unique characteristics. They seem to be stemmed from hand-drawn letterforms, there is a lot of variation in the stroke width (thick and thin), some of the brackets are angled, the counters in a lot of the letters are not centered and the crossbars are slightly longer on the right sides of the “t” and “f”. This is an inverted photo of my sketches and font family showing. Just to clarify,  I don’t work on slabs of chalkboard. Its the 20th century… photo

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Posted by Anthony Ciccarelli on February 11, 2013

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