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Geometric Shapes Project







C handle



light e



tape g



Record O



U wall Piece

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15 Jan 2013

Emigre Graphics. A digital type foundry



I enjoy the copy-write on this one…

There’s more Emigre artwork and fonts to come…

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9 Jan 2013



Don’t let it’s resemblance to the word “future” fool you… Futura was designed in between 1924-1926 by Paul Renner, a german typeface designer who commercially released it in 1927. It became important as the first sans serif font to be widely accepted and used.  It was originally based on geometric shapes later to be slightly modified by Bauhaus, A german design school in Weimar, giving it a more user-friendly appearance.


Companies using futura typeface in their logo include: Domino’s Pizza, Best Buy, Red Bull, Costco and many more. Its simplicity and boldness makes it a timeless font that continues to be utilized in modern advertising. Whether it is a “true” geometric font or not is still debatable, nonetheless it seems to be a “go-to” for many designers.


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9 Jan 2013

About me

Hey, My name is Anthony Ciccarelli. I am currently a student and graphic designer at Wayne State University with a passion for digital media and music. Some of my past times include playing the guitar, watching the food channel, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

7 Jan 2013