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Aug 26 / Ciara Diamond

PM Cares: Branding and Identity Design

 These guidelines typically include basic information such as:

  1. An overview of your brand’s history, vision, personality and key values.

  2. Brand message or mission statement – including examples of ‘tone of voice’.

  3. Logo usage – where and how to use your logo including minimum sizes, spacing and what not to do with it.

  4. Colour palette – showing your primary and secondary colour palettes with colour breakdowns for print, screen and web.

  5. Type style – showing the specific font that you use and details of the font family and default fonts for web use.

  6. Image style/photography – examples of image style and photographs that work with the brand.

  7. Business card and letterhead design – examples of how the logo and font are used for standard company literature.

Jul 14 / Ciara Diamond

Article- Font Choice for Logo Design (used for PM Cares logo)

A great idea:


“However, realize when sticking exclusively to one or two fonts is limiting you. Different applications such as:

  • web text,
  • promotional materials like vinyl decals, and
  • collaborations with other companies

will require different looks. It’s best to have a small arsenal of typefaces that you’ve already tested for brand compatibility, so when an opportunity comes up, you already know which font you’re going to use.”

Jul 14 / Ciara Diamond

Article- Questions when Designing a Logo (used for PM Cares) logo

“Sometimes I even include a question asking for a description of the brand as if it were a person – what that person wears, what music he/she likes, and so on.”

“let the client know the reasons you designed a particular logo in a certain way. If it was to connect more powerfully with the target audience, to simplify the identity, or to increase brand awareness, include that in the presentation. Understanding the purpose and motivation behind each design will help the client appreciate each design individually.”

If you want to be a well-paid designer, please the client.
If you want to be an award-winning designer, please yourself.
If you want to be a great designer, please the audience.”