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Feb 6 / Yakeem Tatum

A Break The Broke In Time And Broke Off Too Soon

Does the title of this blog make sense? I hope so. If not, allow me to elaborate. Unless you got where I was going. Did you? Well even if you did, I’ll still clarify. Don’t want to leave anything up to the wonderful and creative thing that is the Human Imagination. Winter Break came in time like a blanket that had come straight out of the dryer when you are cold. It was like laying down in your bed when you had a super busy day dealing with people that you can’t stand to deal with, but you have to stand to deal with because you are moving from this place to that place at work. It came in time and was appreciated. On a side note: Whenever I am in a time of relaxation or at the start of break. I always think towards the future and go, “I am going to be thinking, no hoping, to be in this moment that I am currently in right now, so I should enjoy it for future me.” Seriously that’s what I think at the start of any trip or time that is set aside for myself. So when Winter Break began, I found myself becoming a selfish individual in the realm of me doing what I wanted to do, because I wanted to do it. This liberating feeling made me stay in my room, sleep a whole lot, play video games, hang out with friends and family and be by myself. It was GREAT!! I remember thinking about the AWFUL semester I had and acknowledging that there were many others that had WAY worst semesters than I did. So I felt a sense of gratitude. I also thought about the reason for my trials and tribulations. On another note: I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that last semester had a positive affect on me. I mean, I left that semester stronger than I was before it. I made some connections that are beneficial to me, and have a deeper appreciation for “struggle.” I also have the understanding that my struggle is not equvalent to the struggles of some other people. I am just grateful for my situation and the place that I am and was at. In conclusion: break started and ended and now I am doing another show. What show? Find out in the next blog post.