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Oct 18 / Yakeem Tatum

Me Writing on the Internet??

Now I regularly have one sided conversations with readers that are either myself (when I am journaling) or my teachers …..(when I am forcibly journaling for class), but this is different. This is on the World Wide Web. Where I can’t just say something that I want to keep to myself or between my professor and I. This is for anybody that comes across it to see. That instills a bit of responsibility and a bit of power within me. I can say something that could land me or others in hot water. I mean, backspacing is a thing, but once it’s unleashed into the world. That is where it stays. All of this power and responsibility reminds me of my favorite Super Hero. Kite Man….. you thought I was gonna say someone else didn’t you. I mean I set it up and everything. Before I hinted at a possible mentioning of a hero. I brought up keywords, hoping that you as the reader would begin thinking about a particular hero. I wanted you to go on a personal journey with me. I even stepped away from the words going back to the topic of the Internet, all so I could sneak up on you and unleash the thing you were waiting for. But right when you thought I was going to go there, I didn’t. I went to another place. Kite Man? Who is even Kite Man, you may be asking? If you don’t even know who I was talking about before, you may be asking, “Who were you talking about?” Those are quite a few questions. Before I answer them, I want to thank you for getting to this point. For taking this interesting dive into who I am as a person, although you don’t really know that yet. Maybe you do though. I mean this blog, so far, has taken you almost on a roller coaster ride of in cohesiveness. Perhaps this is similar to Pulp Fiction. If you are not aware Pulp Fiction is a Quentin Tarantino film, where some of the dialogue can come off as unnecessary and irrelevant, but it all serves the purpose of building the characters. Could this blog be like that? Could it be allowing you as the reader to understand who CFPCA Dean Delegate Yakeem Tatum really is? I must say the numbers of questions being raised is increasing. Perhaps I should answer them. I mean that could be the only reason you are still reading this Blog. To finally get the conclusions that you are longing for. That you are hoping for. What other reason would you be reading this? Goodness, yet another question. Will it stop? I guess not. Starting off, I am Third-Year Theatre Major on the Acting BFA Tract. I love writing and riding my bike. I grew in downtown Detroit and have two friends that are Detroit Police Department Officers. I also play video games… not as much as I want to because of school, but I try to get a gaming session in about once a month. Oh and I am Resident Advisor.

Whoa. That just turned into a bio for a dating website. I apologize for that. Do not think that you will get generic bits of writing from me on here. Oh no. That stuff is boring for me to read, so I definitely won’t be writing like that. This is very unconventional. Do I apologize for that? (Another question) No (but this one has an answer). I guess I should answer the other questions that I raised. Stop the unnecessary suspense. The hero that I was hinting at before I mentioned Kite Man… Yeah I am going all the way back to the top of this blog. Did you forget about that? (Another question again) I bet you thought I forgot. Well guess what. I did not! Now the hero that I was hinting at before I mentioned Kite Man was… oh and Kite Man is a DC super hero I think. I don’t know much about him. I just know of him because of a YouTube channel that I watch. Speaking of YouTube channels, I have one. I like making YouTube videos. I make people mad with my opinions and it is funny. Oh yeah back to what I was talking about before. The hero that I was hinting at before I mentioned Kite Man was Spider-Man. That is my favorite Super hero. You didn’t think that I was gonna leave you hanging again, did you? Of course I was gonna spill the beans…. eventually. Y’know I am certain that some of you even skimmed the blog looking for the words “Spider-Man” to see if that is who I was talking about. If you did, I don’t blame you. Well, I mean you spoiled the surprise, but I still don’t blame you. Actually now that I think about it. Me making that italicized may make the word stand out and ruin the surprise. If you didn’t cheat, then I take my hat off to you. Oh and remember when I mentioned that I journal for my classes, because they force me, meaning it is for a grade. This is how the journals go. For the most part. They are just tailored to the class. This blog is tailored to me and who I am. Hopefully you are left with some answers.

See you in the next Blog.

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