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what to eat, where to drink (coffee) & where to shop

If you’re anything like me, you love to eat. Specifically yummy, sugary, not-so-healthy food. So sue me. Detroit has some of the most amazing little coffee shops, restaurants, etc. and I want to share some of those places with you. If you are visiting Detroit on a weekend, or even if you live down here – check out these places! I also included a clothing store you absolutely have to check out…keep reading to find out!

Breakfast – Dime Store

located in the Chrysler house on Griswold street, this little breakfast place is easy to miss unless you know it’s there. Regardless, this place is popular and PACKED. On Sundays expect a 45minute-1hr wait, but man oh man is the wait worth it. The caramel lattes are to die for and they have the yummiest breakfast ever.

Coffee – New Order Coffee

Strong, flavorful coffee! They have such a fun aesthetic and the prettiest pastries, mugs, and plate wear to take cute Instagram photos with! Besides for the cute design, their coffee is so good. I love to get the m&m mocha latte – yes you heard that right! They also have a cereal milk latte, and you can even add in some of their homemade marshmallows to any drink you’d like.

Sweets – For the Love of Sugar

Okay, so I haven’t been here yet, I am actually planning on visiting tomorrow for the first time with my roommate. This bakery/coffee shop just opened recently and they have a beautiful Instagram with such good eye candy @fortheloveofsugardetroit with a menu of things like a white chocolate bday cake latte (NEED!!!), macarons with flavors like: birthday cake, blue raspberry lemonade, swedish fish, and superman this place is a must try for people with a sweet tooth!

address 100 Erskine, Detroit, MI

Burgers – Royale with Cheese

The yummiest burgers around town. The owner of the restaurant too is such a kind, authentic person and I love supporting his business! They have the usual things you’d expect at a burger place – burgers, fries, shakes, appetizers – but with a fun kick! Add different seasonings or get a crazy shake flavor (oreo creme pie, golden grahams s’more), Royale won’t disappoint!


Shopping – Bird Bee

Bird Bee is a boutique that was opened last year, and they have fun and trendy clothing that really caters to what I believe the millennials want to wear, but never had stores like this in Detroit to shop at!


Do you have any recommendations? Let me know!!


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7 Feb 2018



My name is Claire Cisco and I am currently a junior pursuing my BA in Fashion Merchandising. I have been at Wayne my entire college career, and I think it is the hidden gem of fashion merchandising and design (but that’s for another post!!). I was a recent recipient of the Marji Kunz Fashion Scholarship, which is awarded to a few students in the design/merchandising program who the judges believe have shown exemplary work. I am also a member of the sorority Delta Zeta here on campus! I currently hold a position as the Assistant to VP of Programming. Being in a sorority has given me lifelong friendships and amazing community service and philanthropic opportunities! I also interned for a small business right in Royal Oak this past summer, which was a great experience because I hear tooooooo many times that to be in fashion or work/intern you HAVE to go to New York or somewhere comparable (cue eyeroll).

Here are some other facts about me:

  • My favorite designer brands that inspire me are Fendi, Miu Miu, Gucci, and Chanel.
  • I really really really hate pickles!!
  • My ideal career path would be working for a fashion house or company in the Trend Forecasting area.
  • I’ve been to NYC, and I can say it’s not really for me. I prefer a smaller city like Boston or Chicago.
  • I can’t wait to continue my blog posts!

That’s all for now, until next time! xx


26 Oct 2017