Here is the stove exchange for 2018! We said goodbye to the 1966 Montgomery Ward Signature Menu-Matic range (made by Tappan), which performed extremely well over the past year. It was a pleasure to cook and bake with and very easy to clean. We moved in a 1961 Westinghouse Aristocrat range, a beautifully designed stove. Looking forward to a season of cooking and baking with this “new” range!!

As some of you know, I collect vintage appliances. Why I couldn’t collect postage stamps or Matchbox cars, I don’t know! But the real reason behind my collection is that it all relates back to the pleasure of cooking and baking, and perhaps simpler times when things were engineered and manufactured to last, and provide years of dependable service. These are the stoves that my mom and grandma cooked on as they lovingly nourished our family, and I think that is something worth collecting and celebrating!