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Mar 8 / Carissa Bell

THE EW Scripps Company – STUDIO TECH I

  • Duties Performed: Responsible for the placement and operation of backgrounds, platform and risers used in the television studio. Must have a good understanding of television lighting methods and lighting instruments used in both studio and remote production. Operation and programming of studio dimmer boards. Must have the ability to follow rundowns and execute lighting cues during live and taped programs and productions. Needs to be able to climb ladders to rig and focus lights and install set pieces. Assignments may include remote lighting projects requiring loading gear and location set-up. Other duties as assigned Reports to the Staging Department Chargehand
  • Requirements
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree preferred. Major in Communications, Television or Film preferred.Experience: Currently or recently performing duties as a stagehand or lighting person at a television station, production house or production company. Preferably at least 2 years experience.Equipment: Working knowledge of current studio and remote lighting equipment to accomplish daily preparation and production of news and other programs to service the station.
  • Skills/Abilities: Should have good production skills and work well under pressure. The ability to work with a variety of staff from all departments is critical. Physical requirements include ability to sit, stand, bend and lift objects up to 50 lbs. Must be available for flexible hours including holidays and weekends. A valid driver’s license is required.