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Oct 9 / Carissa Bell

Actors and Actresses

Dhade & Associates, PC

Job Description and How to Apply
Below is the short film synopsis and character descriptions of what we are looking for. On top of submitted through handshake (Job ID#206137), please email your showreel – if you have one- and ask for a copy of the script so you can send in a video submission of your sides. Emails: &
“The Marriage Interview” is a short film about a man, David Torres, who came the United States on student visa that is now expired. He must attain his United States citizenship through his marriage with his college sweetheart. Despite their marriage being legitimate, the immigration officers are beginning to have their doubts and not only is David, but his family is in jeopardy of deportation.
Character BIOS
Officer Hughes has been an immigration officer for a while. He/she gets lied to often while working and has caused them to think of undocumented people as a nuisance. While working they are very demeaning and condescending to those they interview with, without raising their voice too often. Pay is $300.
David is an honest, hardworking 25-35 who has recently married Melissa Myers, his college sweetheart. David is from Spain (can change to another country based on actor’s ethnicity) but had come to the United States on a student visa which has now expired. David gets very nervous around immigration officers because he fears he will be forced to leave his new wife if he gets deported. The first and last name of the character can be changed based on ethnicity of the actor. Able to speak in an authentic accent is preferred. Pay is $300.
Melissa is a supportive wife to David who she recently married. She is a U.S. citizen and wants her husband to stay very much, but she is not used to him being so timid and nervous while they are at the immigration office. Pay is $300
Tyler is a young, new and fresh intern at the office who comes in to bring a passport to Officer Hughes. Pay is $50