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Aug 31 / Carissa Bell

Detroit Tigers Watch Person (Part-Time)

Watch Person – Security


Job Description

The Detroit Tigers Watchperson will be responsible for maintaining established security policies and procedures to create an environment that protects Comerica Park assets, colleagues and guests and

Primary (Essential) Duties:

The Watchperson provides 24/7 security to ensure the safety and welfare of all colleagues and guests inside Comerica Park, including the physical contents of the venue.

During an assigned shift, Watchpersons may have to perform one or more of the following:

  • Regularly inspect protective equipment that provides security to the venue including: doors, fences, locks, and lighting, and report on their condition.
  • Regularly screen guests and guest packages being brought into Comerica Park. Screening is conducted by electronic detectors and/or physical searches of persons and property.
  • Screen and inspect vehicles entering Comerica Park. Screening is conducted using hand-held screening tools and/or physical searches of vehicles and vehicle contents.
  • Daily inspection of the boiler-room, fire pump station, and ventilation rooms for possible mechanical problems.
  • Monitor and patrol on foot, Comerica Park premises, including the adjoining parking garage and grounds, to identify, diagnose and resolve safety concerns in order to maintain and promote a safe and secure environment.
  • Prevent, deter, and deny the opportunity for unlawful or unauthorized activities to occur in or around Comerica Park, including the adjoining parking garage and grounds.
  • Respond to alarms, disturbances, or other incidents occurring inside Comerica Park, including the adjoining parking garage and grounds.
  • Provide escorts to colleagues or guests within Comerica Park and provide personal protection to colleagues or guests when needed.
  • Operate the access and intrusion control system.
  • Operate the fire control system.
  • Operate the credentialing system.
  • Accept deliveries and operate the Pitney Bowes or other package tracking system to account for items and/or packages delivered to Comerica Park.
  • Operate the CCTV, burglary, and other alarm systems.
  • Write an accurate incident report by recording and communicating information, observations, and occurrences in writing (electronic format) so others will understand. Interview witnesses and other persons relevant to a specific incident and attach photographs and other documents to reports as necessary.
  • Notify security management and/or proper authorities as situations dictate.
  • Contribute to the overall security effort by accomplishing other related tasks as needed.

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