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Dec 12 / Carissa Bell

Motor City Casino: Scheduling Manager

Shift Any
Job Code 120217
Full Time
Category Human Resources


Scheduling Manager


Responsible for overall development, review and approval of various property work schedules.  Ensures various areas of the property are staffed according to labor strategy.  Ensures compliance with MotorCity Casino Hotel Time and Attendance policy and follows through with issuances of discipline(s) when necessary.  Ensures that company’s policy, goals and objectives are being adhered to by staff and that employees are managed in the best interest of the company.  May perform the duties of subordinate(s).  Other duties and/or signatory abilities (e.g., keys, forms, reports) as assigned, mentioned or described in the case of current and/or subsequent Departmental policies (e.g., ICS, SOPs) or other independent submissions/correspondence under separate cover.


1.    Five years minimum in a leadership position within Casino Operations (or any other alternative deemed appropriate)

2.    High School Diploma or GED Equivalent (or any other alternative deemed appropriate)

3.     Including, but not limited to, New Hire Orientation, Customer Service and other supervisory and management development

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