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Nov 13 / Carissa Bell

City of Detroit: Paramedic Employment Opportunity


Paramedic (Detroit Fire Department)

**Applications close on December 17th at 5:55 pm**



Under general supervision and within the scope of practice of an Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic), responds to 911 calls for service to include medical, trauma and other public emergency situations; administers pre-hospital emergency medical care in accordance with approved medical protocols and Department rules and regulations; operates Department issued emergency vehicles and provides transportation of the sick and injured to medical care facilities.



  1.     Responds to, and provides assistance at, dispatched or observed medical emergencies or accidents, where there exists the possibility of further injury, loss of limb, death, or where such services are in the public interest.
  2.     Determines the general nature of the emergency situation and communicates observations to additional responders, Command Staff and medical control physicians.
  3.     Provides appropriate emergency care to alleviate medical crisis, reduce injury or stabilize injured person’s condition until definitive medical treatment is available.
  4.     Uses a variety of equipment and special materials to treat injured persons including airway management and ventilation support equipment, defibrillators, extrication equipment, various kinds of splints, special dressings and bandages.
  5.     Informs persons involved of financial responsibility and alternatives available, where emergency conditions are determined not to exist.
  6.     Transports injured persons to appropriate treatment facilities in special emergency medical unit or other assigned vehicle, and recognizes need for transporting unusual cases to particular hospitals where specialized treatment is available; continues patient care while in transit.
  7.     Notifies hospital of incoming emergency cases and, as required, communicates with hospital personnel to advise of patient condition and to secure information or special instructions.
  8.     Maintains a high level of sanitation in assigned vehicle in accordance with infection control standards.
  9.     Inspects assigned vehicle and associated equipment for proper operation and appearance.
  10. Utilizes computer terminals for emergency and non-emergency communications.
  11. Operates multi-channel radio or other portable communication devices.
  12. Prepares required records and reports relating to locations, persons assisted, conditions found, measures taken and services provided, including information for billing purposes.
  13. Assists in the training of emergency medical service personnel and other
  14. . Provides testimony in court proceedings and/or assists with investigations.
  15. Provides appropriate assistance to hospital emergency room personnel within the guidelines of Department directives.
  16. Assists in keeping quarters clean and otherwise participates in company routine while on assignment at fire house or other site, during stand-by time.
  17. Attends in-service and other training classes to enhance technical skills.
  18. Performs duties in accordance with Departmental rules and regulations as well as protocols of the Detroit East Medical Control Authority.


  • High School graduation or GED.
  • Possession of a current unrestricted State of Michigan Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic) License and all associated required certifications to operate in the Detroit medical control zone. 



  1.     Must possess and maintain a valid license as a State of MichiganEmergency Medical Technician (Paramedic).
  2.     Must possess and maintain a valid State of Michigan Chauffeur License.
  3.     Must possess and maintain valid certification as required by the local medical control authority.
  4.     Candidates considered for placement in this classification may be subject to a Criminal Background and Driving Record Investigation based on the requirements of the position.



All Interested Applicants Please Apply at: