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Oct 26 / Susan Crowley

Meet Eric Wingfield: Ford Mobility Strategist

Ahead of Ford Day on Oct. 28th in the Engineering Building, we’re featuring a guest blog from one of the day’s speakers. Meet Eric Wingfield and learn more about a possible career at Ford!

First of all, I never planned on staying.

Originally a west coast kid, I came to the great state of Michigan for grad school. My plan was to return home to California after my time was over and look for work, but then something changed. I interned at Ford.

Why Ford? It’s because I was inspired by Bill Ford’s approach to sustainability.

During my internship, I gained a new appreciation for the type of work that gets done inside the Blue Oval along with the friendly working environment and the most professional group of folks I had ever worked with. After that internship and right out of school, I was hungry to prove myself. And I never looked back.

Fast forward to today, and you’re probably wondering what exactly it is that I do at Ford. I can really explain it in one word: mobility.

I work in the Mobility Solutions group within Research and Advanced Engineering.  That’s just a fancy way to say that we explore the ways that people move around throughout the world – your car sharing, ride sharing, shuttle business models, etc.  Things you all use every day.

Our group also researches the impact of technology and services for Ford’s business as we look forward in the coming decades.  We have run all sorts of experiments on electric vehicles, car sharing and data logging to support healthcare delivery in rural areas of India and Africa, and digital experiences for bringing mobility to the individual.

This matters to us at Ford because we see consumer experiences being shaped by urbanization, growth in the middle class, air quality, and changing attitudes driven by digital capability. And we want to be a leader in creating transportation solutions addressing these issues.

To sum it all up, in my humble opinion here’s why Ford should be seriously considered by students looking for a great career path:

  • Flexibility to navigate to a wide variety of jobs
  • Ford uses and develops cool technologies to make great products
  • There is an investment in everyone that joins the company when it comes to training and resources to support everyone’s career
  • Rigorous professionalism with a heart.  Ford employees are encouraged to be active in their communities

 See you at #FordDay on Oct. 28!


Eric Wingfield