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Reading: Denise Gonzales Crisp

There were a few things from this reading that really stood out.

“Typographers design using at least two things: a typographic element, and the space within and surrounding it.”

“Armatures underly and bind elements through¬†deliberate¬†but fairly random placement ruled by “intuitively” divided space.”

“Grids also underlie and bind elements but with structural in addition to visual rules governing placement.”

“We designate the physical limits of a page or a screen and the understand the parameters of the whole we plan to construct.”

“Armatures, grids, and grid systems offer a network of invisible lines dictated at least in part by parameters and their component measures.”

Overall I thought that this reading was fairly interesting – it got me to think more about grids and grid systems as a whole. It really made me realize that there are more to grids than just lines and spaces and that each grid has the potential to be unique and different.

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18 Feb 2013