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Abandoned Ship!

So I haven’t posted on my blog awhile. Things have been pretty hectic lately. Taking four classes is kind of a pain. Especially when Math is involved. And my computer was sort of dead. Anyways… I will post some pictures and information from my next project soon.

25 Mar 2013

Reading: Denise Gonzales Crisp

There were a few things from this reading that really stood out.

“Typographers design using at least two things: a typographic element, and the space within and surrounding it.”

“Armatures underly and bind elements through deliberate but fairly random placement ruled by “intuitively” divided space.”

“Grids also underlie and bind elements but with structural in addition to visual rules governing placement.”

“We designate the physical limits of a page or a screen and the understand the parameters of the whole we plan to construct.”

“Armatures, grids, and grid systems offer a network of invisible lines dictated at least in part by parameters and their component measures.”

Overall I thought that this reading was fairly interesting – it got me to think more about grids and grid systems as a whole. It really made me realize that there are more to grids than just lines and spaces and that each grid has the potential to be unique and different.

18 Feb 2013


An interesting article that I stumbled across talking about women and Feminism in art.

11 Feb 2013

We The People

We The People – White House Brew

This packaging by Michelle Wang is quite clever. The product shown is beer that was brewed at the White House. Each bottle has a different label consisting of important documents including The Declaration of Independence. Each label has interesting facts about each document including the number of signatures and the date it was ratified. These beers are come in a beautiful wood box.


9 Jan 2013

My ideal job would be to work with bands are create album arts.
One of my biggest inspirations is a woman by the name of Adde Russell.
She has worked with many bands including my all time favorite Death Cab for Cutie.

I have linked an article from Sleevage.


The cassette tape booklet design


9 Jan 2013

Final: Process Work

11 Dec 2012

Project 4 Critique

Opressive Crit

Magnification Crit

27 Nov 2012

Project 4 Sketches

15 Nov 2012

Project 4 Brainstorming


1 Nov 2012

This was posted on one of my favorite author’s Tumblr account. Her name is Jessica Valenti and she writes many books on feminism and women’s rights. She found this in Dwell magazine and it’s an eight year old, Olivia Steger, who wanted to make a comment on one of the articles she called “Girl Talk” (July/August 2012). I decided to put this on my blog because I think that working at a magazine would be a fun job where I can use my love of journalism and (hopefully within the next year and a half) my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design degree.

23 Oct 2012