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this was a very challenging project. the most challenging part was the constraint on what type of letters we had to capture. my group had to find geometric letterforms. we first defined what made a letter geometric so that we would all collect similar letterforms. our conclusive characterization was minimal letterforms only show the bare shape necessary to create the letter. we divided up the letters and symbols and searched, and searched, and searched… this was hard! i could see letters all around me but they didnt fit our definition quiet right, or not at all. i had the typeface Orator STD in mind because i had just done some research on it and it seemed to be geometric. i looked for forms that resembled these letters.    i had to find A , H, L, M, N, and *. my final letters could have been better but i will have to use this project as a stepping stone in my crossing of the typography river.

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Posted by Brett Maciag on April 2, 2013

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