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P5 reflect

i think this was my favorite project next to project 4. i really enjoyed being able to bring poetics into typography. i enjoy reading and writing poetry so the brainstorming and writing for the haiku was most enjoyable. after our group chose my poem, i felt like they looked to me for our next step. i browsed through the available fonts and chose about 8 fonts with small caps. as a group we narrowed down the options and selected Garamond No2 DC D. this was a unique font because it had some organic character. the next step for me was to create a layout for how we would install the haiku. our final step was installing. we all worked well together, each giving their own input… some spotting while others placing or taking pictures or masking out the baseline. though we were exhausted with the project when installation was complete, i felt that our group as a whole was still able to enjoy and appreciate the work we had just completed… (i like ours the best)

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Posted by Brett Maciag on April 1, 2013
  1. 04/1/2013

    Why are comments closed on your haiku? Anyway, about your poem, during the class crit I explained to the class my own assumed understanding of why “quiet” is all small caps and “soup” is all large caps, but you made a face like you wanted to say something. Why did you format the haiku the way you did?

  2. 04/1/2013
    Brett Maciag

    i think i might have been wanting to add onto a previous comment. your explanation was correct. i also felt that leaving quiet low was to create asymmetry with the letters of the first two lines being capitalized.

  3. 04/1/2013
    Tyler Hardy

    Well yours was the best next to my group. I liked how much design was put into the overall composition as opposed to just typing out the haiku in a very basic way. However because of this it created a few craft problems just because it was harder for you to make everything look exactly right due to you high level of variation from word to word.
    Overall it looks great.

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