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wow. i really enjoy looking at these fonts by House Industries. they all seem to have a fun character. i could see alot of these typefaces being used for cartoon titles.

at the same time they have groups which are more reserved fonts, almost non-novelty, but they still have their sense of individuality.

the street van group is one of my favorites. these fonts have a wavy/ groovy flow. they remind me of the 70’s. i think it is a combination of the tapering in and out of the letterforms and the wide/ “phat” fonts.

the bullet group reminds me of the 50’s and nostalgic diners…

chalet group makes me think of the 80’s in europe…

nuetraface fonts remind me of futura, or Mad Men… 50-60’s advertising in NY?

i guess what im attracted to in the groups such as shag, tiki type, rat fink, flyer, and scrawl is the humanist presence. i like the irregularity and the discourse from the strict rendering. they have texture… like someone had drawn/doodled them.

i think this research helped me in the search for a font to use for my haiku in project 5. it helped me to think of the typeface as a form of imagery to relate it to the context.





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Posted by Brett Maciag on March 6, 2013

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