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futura history

this article was very helpful in my research on the typeface… did you know futura was the typeface chosen for a commemorative plaque left on the moon by the astronauts of apollo 11 in 1969. it’s also used by absolut vodka, dominos pizza, best buy, and louis vuitton.

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26 Jan 2013


when researching my typeface, futura, i found that this poster was most representational for me in the way that it captures the nostalgic modern essence.futura-poster

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25 Jan 2013


i just asked my mother to come up with a single word to describe the futura typeface… she said, “clean”




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21 Jan 2013

original photos link

original images


my image file sizes were too large to insert into a post so i created a pdf in inDesign and made this link, hope it will suffice.

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16 Jan 2013

Orator STD

Orator STD has been a favorite typeface of mine for a while now… just never knew what it was called. I’m not sure what it is about it that i like. It’s a tall type and the letter forms are slim though the font is still legible. I also like how the low case letters are capitalized as well but still smaller than the upper case letters.
orator std

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15 Jan 2013


i like the layering look that this Emigre group uses
emigre-1 emigre-magazine-prints-01 Emigre

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9 Jan 2013

helvetica is such a simple typeface that it is very versatile in how it can be manipulated and applied.

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9 Jan 2013


lucid nightmare

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9 Jan 2013


how do you search on here?

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7 Jan 2013

about me: brett

metro detroit street artist. drawing. music. poetry. detroit employed, produce terminal and eastern market. contemporary art fan. second year graphic design student at wayne state university.

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7 Jan 2013