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Jul 1 / Benita


So in just a little over a month I go on a trip to Spain!

It’s my epic birthday gift to myself.

I’ll be busing from Detroit to Chicago. From there, I’ll fly to London (for a 6 hour layover) and then to Dublin.

Once in Dublin I’ll catch a flight to Madrid.

It sounds extremely complicated (OK, it is, I admit); but I got a really good deal and the whole thing is pretty cheap compared to a simple DTW-MAD flight.

Don’t ask me why, people are weird.

I’m super excited because the very first thing I’m doing (after tackling my 2 friends in a hug at the airport) is go to Granada to see the Alhambra palace!

I’ve been wanting to see Alhambra for almost 4 years now. I love traveling, but this goes back to a book.

Ever since I learned about Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine, I’ve wanted to go there.

I just happen to be extremely lucky that now I have 2 friends who live in Spain are going to let me stay with them for 2 weeks.

There’s so much for me to do there. I’m hoping that going to Spain will help my Spanish a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve had a class, and I want to start taking the classes for my minor in the next semester or so.

Hopefully being in Spain will get me that extra practice I need.

I cannot wait. This is going to be an epic summer!

Apr 22 / Benita


I finished the book on the Tudor’s and it was great.

It had a whole bunch of family trees and it was packed with information – some new, some not so new.

For a history geek like me it was a great find for a book under ten bucks.

Now, with July looming ever closer, I have set out on my mission to re-read the Harry Potter series for the nth time.

I’m so excited I can’t even imagine how hard I’m going to cry.

Mar 25 / Benita

The Tudors

I picked up a book on the history of the Tudors last week at the campus book store and I’m going to tear into it the weekend.

I am slightly obsessed with Tudor history and can reel off all of Henry VIII’s wives and fun facts about them (3 Catherines, 2 Annes, 1 Jane; 2 were cousins; he had relations with Anne Boleyn’s sister Mary first…).

I’m really excited about this book, because most of Tudor history focuses on Henry VIII and his wives, or Elizabeth.  This is understandable, but I want more about before and after!

This book starts with Henry VIII’s grandfather and talks about all his children.

It’s on the smaller side compared to the books I’m used to reading, and it’s non fiction as well.

I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

I’m super geeked to learn more Tudor history.

Mar 25 / Benita

McDonald’s Extra Large Coffee

Mar 25 / Benita

Don’t Worry

Mar 21 / Benita

A little bit more about me

Since I’ve started college, I haven’t really been reading much.

This is mainly for 3 reasons: school, work, and my discovery of awesome internet things.

I’m constantly on the internet, and this is mainly because I’ve made some awesome friends who don’t live close. Heck, several of them don’t even live in the country.

Times zones are evil and our main way of contact is via the internet.

This blog will be dedicated to  my reading habits and things related to advertising that I find amusing, inspiring, interesting or all three.

I’ve decided I really do need to read more, so maybe if I blog about it I will actually accomplish something.

I tend toward fantasy and historical fiction; but nothing is off the table.

With the last Harry Potter movie coming out in July (be still, my aching heart) I have decided that I need to re-read the series. No, you cannot just start at the last book. How horrible for you to even suggest such a thing.

Once I’m done with those 7 beautiful books, I want to read Don Quixote.

I’m going to Spain this summer and I’d love to get a nice Spanish copy. Since I’m minoring in Spanish it would be cool to see if I can actually read parts of it and compare it to the English translation.

Once I’m done with those, I have a huge list of books I need to read.

I need to finish the Hunger Games trilogy, I have to read Brisingr in the hopes that the 4th book will soon follow.

I need to catch up on the Percy Jackson series.

…you’ll notice a theme. I am forever reading series books, which isn’t bad, but it does strain the wallet at times.

I also want to read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass; Jane Eyre.

I’ve been meaning to try the Lord of the Rings again, too.

I have a huge stack of magazines that have been neglected as well as some fencing books I’ve been meaning to tackle.

There is so much I want to do, read and see; I’m not sure I’ll ever find the time.

Hopefully, I will get started this weekend. I’m going to visit my aunt so I’ll bring a book to read on the flight.

Hopefully I won’t have too much homework and I can get through Sorcerer’s Stone this weekend.

Mar 9 / Benita

First Blog Post

I just found this blog section.

It’s pretty cool.

I’m kind of excited to start a blog.