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Oct 12 / Nick DeNardis

Fixed SSL validation in some browsers

Thanks to Chris Pelzer for looking in to an issue with the WordPress admin area which was serving up a few assets that were hard coded not to use the secure certificate.

Why did this happen?

WordPress itself does a very good job of ensuring the security of all of its pages but unfortunately we can’t say the same for the plugin developers out here. We take advantage of many plugins to make the blog publishing process as painless as possible. Some of those plugins don’t handle secure certificates correctly by default so we had to go in and hand edit them to be as secure as possible.

What does this mean for you?

In some browsers you will no loner get the warning about insecure content on the page. You can rest assure that everything you type is encrypted no matter where you are writing your blog posts.

Happy blogging!

Sep 22 / Nick DeNardis

New blog security options enabled

We had a few requests by users who want to blog but they don’t want just anyone to access their posts. This could be for various reasons: internal information, proprietary information, or coursework that they just want to keep track of without allowing anyone else to see ’til it’s complete.

Introducing new privacy options

You will notice in the menu item under your “Settings” a link called “Privacy.” It was there before but it only had two options, now there are five.

  • I would like my site to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers.
  • I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors.
  • I would like my site to be visible only to Registered network users.
  • I would like my site to be visible only to Site subscribers.
  • I would like my site to be visible only to Site administrators.

Feel free to change the settings on your blog to fit your needs. The restrictions will also apply to your RSS feed and blog updates will not show up on Today@Wayne or anywhere else if you have your blog set to private.

Apr 22 / Nick West

Change to default setting for lightbox2

We made a minor change to the default settings for lightbox2. By default the “Shrink large images to fit smaller screens” setting will be turned on now. This was a retroactive change, so all blogs should now have this setting turned on. If you’d like to turn it off, the setting is available to you in the left column > Settings > Lightbox2.

Nov 5 / Wayne State University

Bringing blogging to life at Wayne State

Sharing information is important and we want to give the Wayne State community every opportunity possible to publish and share their every day life. We set up this blogging platform to do just that.