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Nov 17 / Brian

Project 4: My work and final

part1.1 part 1 visual connotations


The objective for this project is to research our two words that we were given, find connotations and have a clear understanding of the feeling and emotion invoked in order to design a font that represents each word. My two words for this project were defamatory and splatter. The most challenging element in this project, in my opinion, was the fact that we could only use either all square modules or all circular modules to design the two fonts. This was a challenge because it limited the various design ideas that I originally had, and it forced me to think about the structure of the font and how it works within a space.

After analyzing my research, I concluded that the design for splatter had to be something random that moves outward from a point.  For defamatory, the design needs to be something that has been vandalized or broken down or deformed. Defamatory is better defined as verbal insults or hurtful words. This was the more changing word to design because it is not a word for the common tongue.

Page001 Page002 Page003 Page004

These are my sketches, as you can see these design concepts represent the connotations of each word. After working with both types of modules, I found that circles were more reasonable to work with because it gives less of a geometric feel and was more versatile to work with.

mocks2          mocks

doc2 doc1

Here is my first draft of the design. For defamatory, I made the design of each letter weak and flimsy. I also took parts of the letter away to make it seem like it was broken or someone took parts of it away. For splatter,  I added little modules around the letter to make it seem like the word was thrown on the page. After review from my classmates, I found that I needed to make some changes.

doc3 doc4

Here are the changes I made, as you can see for splatter I moved the letters around so they weren’t all on the same baseline. I did this to add to the randomness that splatter represents. I also added more modules around the letters to make it seem like it was dripping off a wall. With defamatory, I increased the weight of the font to make the structure read better. I also added pieces of the letter on the bottom to make it seem like the letters were punched, and the broken parts feel to the ground.


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  1. Katie Buddingh / Dec 5 2013

    Great work Brian! Your design for Defamatory was probably my favorite out of the critique. I think you did a really good job of making it look like the connotations you brainstormed. I also really appreciate all the process work you do. All the thought you put into it really shows in your final projects.

  2. Ivona Sopic / Dec 1 2013

    You have awesome sketches! You definitely were trying different ways to just abstractly express both splatters and defamatory. The progress from your first splatters to your last is minimal however it made a huge difference in showing splatters more clearly. Great job! It looks really good.

  3. Ruwaida Ba-arma / Nov 30 2013

    I think you definitely did a great job expressing your idea and representing your words in the final. Splatter communicates the idea much better now that you added movement it feels more organic and not so constrained. I particularly like your interpretation of the word defamatory. I think it does look like it is crumbling and breaking down slowly, especially because you added the broken pieces at the bottom.

  4. Jameel Bajjey / Nov 20 2013

    I would have to say that the splatter design you created is one of my favorites. It literally gives off the feeling that some sort of brush threw paint on a flat surface and this was the result. It definitely shows the connotations you chose and the meaning of the word. Great job man!

  5. Halie Mcintosh / Nov 18 2013

    Awesome stuff, Brian! I love how you changed splatters from the original one you showed me. Has a much more organic feel now. Great job reworking it. Defamatory looks a lot more refined too. I like the approach, interesting because I’ve seen other versions of this word from different classmates and your’s is very unique but still communicates the word. I have to say too that your blog is very organized and easy to read and find what I’m looking for. great job!

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