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Sep 16 / Brian

Project 1: abc art


The assignment was to find objects in everyday life that represent all the letters of the alphabet as well as a “?, !,* and $.” We were placed into groups of 4 people, and as a team, we decided to keep a theme of things from a playground in order to have some visual cohesiveness. We each took our own set of pictures and as a team we voted on the pictures that made the final cut. I can honestly say working with Illaysa Clack, Halie Mcintosh and Jameel Bajjey was enjoyable. Together I felt we really put together something outstanding.

Our group was assigned geometric, meaning we had to find objects that fix with a geometric shape. As a group we found out that geometric doesn’t just mean harsh symmetrical shapes and lines but something even more (see example). As you can see from this example of geometric there are curves that represent geometric. The team members and myself had no idea that curves were apart of a geometric category which made it a lot easier to find objects.


_ ! * $

A B C D E f G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U v W X Y Z


My photo’s that I took



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