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Feb 20 / James Droze

Armatures, Grids, and Grid Systems

Armatures, Grids, and Grid Systems are three ways one can structure a design. They assist a designer in creating a hierarchy. Armatures is the more organic approach out of these. As grids are based more on mathematics, the armatures are based on intuition. Although deliberate, it has more of a random feel to its placement. The text compares this approach to the art of drawing, as the designer factors principles like proportion, scale, and harmony, and relies on being compositionally sound.
Grids, like armatures, also bind elements with the same visual rules, but there is also a structural aspect involved. There is a skeletal structure set behind the design. A form that dictates the placement of each element.
Grid systems are a more advance approach than a basic grid, since the system spans deeper than just one document. The text refers to it as a calculated program, a complex mathematic plan. Each element adheres to this organizational map. This grid can span across many pages of a design, for instance a design portfolio.

Jan 14 / James Droze

Christopher Alexander

Christopher Alexander’s reading selection speaks of the intricacies of a pattern. He describes how while a mass produced object, in this case a barn, may have some superficial similarities with other barns, it is equally unique. A designer may follow a certain pattern many times over, but this pattern in just a structure. The ending result could be extremely different each and every time. The designer uses all the knowledge he has come to know going into each design and learns something new upon each completion, therefore he is always evolving. The patterns come from our experience, but there are two types of these patterns, the ones in the world, and the patterns in our mind. These patterns of our mind are intuitive. The patterns control how we go about something in our sub-conscience.

Jan 7 / James Droze

Hello world!

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