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Starting and Starting Over

How many times have you started something or started over? Have you started something over from scratch or have you just gone about starting the same thing over in a different way or manner?

Starting or starting over can present opportunities, challenges as well as self- discovery.

Think about it, we start something or start over at something almost everyday without much thought to it. The only time when we really think about “starting or “starting over” is when we get anxious about it in knowing we have to get it done or accomplish it. We tell ourselves, “I gotta get this started”!

Next time ask yourself in this context, “What am I going to start today”? Or, “How would I like to go about starting over”?

Let me share with you what I’m starting and starting over……..

For example, right now, I’m starting  and starting over quite a few things. I’m starting my final semester in grad school, I’m starting a new chapter in my family life as an empty-nester (my children are now grown and on their own). I’m starting over in a new living arrangement and environment. I’m also starting a new business.

What I have come to experience in life thus far is that you can see the “end”or the “result” of a thought and/or a dream but there can be times when you can’t picture the “start” the starting over from the “beginning” of something let alone anything.

So the next time you want to start or start over, don’t tell yourself, try asking yourself. It may produce the positive results you’re looking for. If it doesn’t, start or start over.

Remember, I’m rooting for you!


-Barb J.